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Wedding Photography Singapore - Clement and Jean

Wedding photos of Clement and Jean at Intercontinental Singapore in Dec 2016. With plenty of colonial structures which resemble old but classy buildings, intercontinental hotel is an excellent place to hold wedding banquet. Abundance of good light and white and clean backdrop at almost every corner at the hotel, photo shoot was extremely manageable to achieve good skin tone which in tune with my photography style of elegant, vibrant and brilliant colors. The day started at the hotel room where the beautiful bride, Jean, did her make up withtalented MUA Adeline Lim. Veiling shots with the parents were done briefly after the make up, Jean had a bit of emotional moment with her dad but everything was ok. I guess those were tears of joy on this important day. After the groom, Clement, arrived, we proceeded with photo shoot around the hotel. The wedding lunch had around 35 tables of guests and there were a number of speeches made by friends and parent. All in all, everyone were pretty high from the drinks and had a wonderful time that day.

Clement and Jean. Wedding Day Photography at Intercontinental Singapore. Dec 2016.