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Wedding Photography Singapore - Solomon and Amelia

Wedding Day Photos of Amelia and Solomon shot in Sept 2016. A fiery JEEP bridal car that matches very much to the style of the couple, the entourage shot was taken at Bukit Timah Saddle Club open grass area. Fortunately, the bride wasnt too fussy about getting the dress dirty as most shots were done seated on the hot bonnet of the JEEP to achieve some stylish photos resembling GQ magazine cover. Overall, the experience was a pleasant and enjoyable one and the grooms men and bridesmaids were very cooperative during the shoot. The wedding reception was held at the gorgeous venue of CHJIMES. Long tables setting with minimal decoration which allowed the guests to mingle easily and toasting became overly often with the groom. Hopefully he didnt get too drunk after that night. The celebration ended with a wonderful thank you speech by the couple and I am so sure the party didnt end right just the dinner. A very nice wedding to shoot as most part of the day were brightly lit. Amelia is so photogenic and her petite built makes her look good at every angle.

Camera used - Fuji XT2 with 35mm 1.4, nikon with 24-70mm, 35mm, 85mm.


Solomon and Amelia. Wedding Day Photos at Chijmes. Sept 2016.